May 15th, 2013


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Bonus #1: Emotion Control

Negative emotions are inevitable when your relationship is breaking down. However, these negative emotions tend to worsen an already volatile relationship. Do you ever feel as though you are simply not in control of your emotions? Are there times when the ability to control your emotions would change the outcome of events within your life?

For some of us it is decidedly difficult to control our emotions even though we know it may be necessary to do so. If you are one of these people, I want to share some exciting news with you.

Emotion Control is a special e-book that will provide you with everything you need to know for  commanding and mastering the emotions.

Here is a summary of what you get when you take advantage of this incredible offer:

    • The Link Between Impulsive Responses and the Emotions
    • Understanding Emotions
    • Self-Help in Controlling the Emotions
    • Emotions and Parenting
    • Emotions and Marriage
    • Training Tips for Controlling Emotions
    • Building Blocks to Get Started
    • And much more…

==> Value = $37

Bonus #2: How To Make Anyone Fall In Love Within Minutes

Uncover The Hidden Chemistry And Find Your True Love. Here’s what you’ll learn…

    • Analyzing Yourself
    • Changing the Way You Think
    • Your Interactions with People
    • Improving Yourself Physically
    • Improving Your Personality
    • The Approach
    • And Much More….

==> Value = $27


Bonus #2: 404 Self Improvement Tips

This is not a book filled with life theories.  Instead, 404 Self Improvement Tips is a 119 page ebook of easy-to-apply self improvement tips and tactics…

Read and apply these tips and you WILL have a MUCH better life…

There is no question in my mind that this ebook will help you to become a much better man or woman than you are now — regardless of your age, sex or social background — if you just read them and begin to practice them.

Nothing complicated here, just some proven tips for helping you to become a better human and ultimately improve the quality of your life.

404 Self Improvement Tips is divided into four powerful sections…

    • Part 1 – 101 Money Saving Tips
    • Part 2 – 101 Success Tips
    • Part 3 – 101 Health & Fitness Tips
    • Part 4 – 101 Love & Relationship Tips

==> Value = $19




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